If you know me, you know that I have been poring over piles of rugs for over a year.  I am redoing my living room and purchased a rug.

AND... I needed a quality rug pad. 
 I am very lucky to have received this great rug pad from 

Thin but mighty, this rug pad has a 20-year-warranty and high ratings! Once placed on pad, it stays. If you are looking for a thicker pad, there are several to choose from, like the Premium Lock. I have shared several below.

 RUG PAD USA is a rug pad retailer that specializes in the manufacturing of higher end, eco-friendly rug pads, unlike many rug pad companies that manufacture toxic pvc pads to import into our country. The fact that these pads will not damage hardwood floors is a plus to me!  The pads are made in the USA, carry high review ratings, and SHIPPING IS FREE!

The company carries rug pads for hardwood, laminate, carpet, stone, tile, and outdoor floors.  Rug material choices include rubber, felt, felt and rubber, eco-friendly, non-slip- and memory foam pads, ranging in sizes from 2x3 to 12x18.  They also carry round rug pads.

Below are choices of rug pads...





 Premium Lock

 Superior Lock

 Superior Lock Natural

 Super Lock

Econo Lock Natural


RUG PADS USA ~ Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter (@rugpadusa)

Rug shown at beginning of post can be found at Oriental Accents.  I have purchased several rugs from Teresa Stanley and have always been happy with her selection and quality.

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