It is National Letter Writing Month, and this is my third post on writing. My first post was on the demise of cursive writing and can be found here.  My second post was on the art of calligraphy and can be found here.  My final post in this series will be on desks and tables.

I have loved beautiful stationery for as far back as I can remember.  Each summer, when I was a child, my mother would pull the Amy Vanderbilt Etiquette book from the shelf and read to my sisters and me. There was much emphasis put on writing etiquette. We would sit in our chairs, with our kool-aid or tea, and restlessly listen. I can remember the boredom I felt, having no idea how important the lessons she was teaching us were, until a few years later.

There was graduation, a wedding, and children, each requiring stationery. Later on, when I became a business professional, it was necessary to use personalized notes, letter sheets, envelopes and business cards.

I do not believe there is a substitute for a written thank you note or just a thoughtful note for that matter. If someone is going to be generous or kind enough to think of me, they deserve a proper thank you.

Below are the sources for some of the writing essentials and stationery that I use. Crane has always been my choice, and their work is always professional, whether letterpress, engraved, or printed.  There are so many companies with beautiful and fun stationery, and I will post on some of my favorites in another post.  I have also been known to shop Target for fun paper.



This, I could not live without! Perfect for stickers, labels, and paper.

Sealing Wax

This Cross pen is inexpensive and a great rollerball gel.

My choice Oblique Pen Holder for Calligraphy

Find these products 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

Find a very helpful section on writing etiquette here.

Large Selection


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