I have two great new finds! 
Hope all of you are having a great Sunday!



I have used these Cree light bulbs for several weeks now and LOVE them. Some say that LED light is bright and harsh, but Cree has created the first LED light bulb that  looks just like a normal light bulb, and has a soft, warm light just like a normal light bulb. The bulbs use 82-84% less energy too, which is important to the biologist in me! In addition, Cree bulbs last 25 times longer and have a 10 year warranty! They are alsoshatter-resistant glass, and lights like a traditional Edison-style bulb.Cree’s bulbs are dimmable and contain NO mercury like CFL bulbs. 

You can find the bulbs at Home Depot HERE.


Oh my gosh!  I washed some old glass pieces with these pods, and they look new.  It took three runs through the dishwasher, but they look so much better and more clear.  This will not remove scratches, but over time washing, especially in the dishwasher, adds a film.  

I have always used Cascade, usually the Complete, but the Platinum is unbelievable! 


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