I hope that all of you have a wonderful and relaxing Labor Day weekend.  


The dining room is my second favorite room, second only to the kitchen.  There are so many great times spent around a dining room table, so decorating this room is a time consuming yet enjoyable task.  Below are some of my favorites, old and new.  ENJOY!

1) Century 2) Interior design by owner Joseph Abboud and photography by Eric Roth 3) Interior design by owner Joseph Abboud and photography by Eric Roth 4) Interior design by Eric Lysdahl and photography by francis Hammond 5) Interior design by Michael Smith and photography by Simon Upton 6)Interior design by Hutton Wilkinson and photography by Melanie Acevedo 7) Interior design by Adrienne Vittadini and photography by Melanie Acevedo 8-17) Pinterest.



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