I want to thank Lisa Mende, author of the blog Lisa Mende Design, for hosting the Wilson Art kitchen counter tops giveaway that I won!! I hope to have images when the remodel is complete!  THANK YOU, LISA!!

If you don't follow Lisa's blog, you are missing so many beautiful designs and a little bit of everything funny and helpful!  I love Lisa's blog, and consider it a daily read! Below is just one example of the eye candy found here!

Lisa is such a talented designer, and is alway busy with a project.  Everywhere you look, there is something being written about Lisa's accomplishments. 


To read Lisa's blog, visit here.  To view her Lisa Mende Interiors Facebook Page, visit here.  And to find Lisa on Twitter, visit here.


If you missed the linen pagoda towel giveaway, visit here.

Below are just a few of the towels in my Etsy Shop!

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